About us

Laboratory of Optical Fibers Technology (LOFT) is a research group within the Faculty of Chemistry of the Maria Curie Sklodowska University (UMCS). LOFT UMCS hosts 10 senior technology specialists, 3 PhD specialists in optical fibers technology and polymer technology whose photonic R&D activities are coordinated by PhD Pawel Mergo. LOFT UMCS is internationally recognized for its applied research in the field of optical fibers technology and is also uniquely involved in industry innovation projects in the Poland and Europe. As such LOFT UMCS has more than 40 years of experience in teaming up with technology innovation projects.

Activity in European Integration and Innovation Projects: From more than 10 years LOFT UMCS attend in the integration of the European photonics and in pan-European initiatives to support European companies. LOFT UMCS has been member of the European Network of Excellence (NoE) in Micro-Optics “NEMO” (2004-2009), European Access Center to Micro-Optics Services and Technologies “ACTMOST” (2010-2013) and Photonics Skins For Optical Sensing “PHOSFOS” (2008-2012). Now LOFT UMCS is a member of the Access Center for Photonics Innovation Solutions and Technology Support “ACTPHAST” (2013-2017) and Training and Research Involving Polymer Optical Devices “TRIPOD” (2013-2017) – Marie Curie Initial Training Network.

Experts and Expertise to support industrial innovation: LOFT UMCS will support industrial innovation activities with its know-how and expertise in design and technology of different types standard and microstructured silica and high silica, passive and active glasses and polymers optical fibers, in measurement and characterization of optical fibers and components, and in building and testing optic and photonics proof-of-concept demonstrators.

High-Tech Facilities: LOFT UMCS provides access to: optical modelling and design of standard and micro-structured special optical fibers, full professional technological lines (MCVD and FCVD) for manufacturing: high purity silica and high silica glasses, standard and microstructure preform and optical fibers drawing towers designed for glass and polymer optical fibers. LOFT UMCS is also equipped with full professional extruder line for manufacturing standard and microstructure polymer optical fibers from variety types of polymers. LOFT UMCS also provide access to photonics research labs fully equipped for precise characterization of optical fibers (propagation and mechanical parameters) and also specially designed climate chambers for reliability measurements.